A look at artist Lyla Freechild

My Body, My Art

Lyla Freechild is an artist, and she works in various mediums like paint, pottery, handmade jewelry etc. She is an active advocate of body empowerment wherein every body type is celebrated in its natural and authentic form removed from the definitions and stigma that surround it.

Happiness is a two way street!

Not everybody has the courage to come back to their hometown after a successful internship at UNESCO to pursue a dream that wasn’t even clear at that point, meet Shraddha Jain, from Jaipur the woman who did this and then some. Shraddha is the founder of Art घर, an interactive and collaborative platform for art […]

A Blend of Vintage Cars and Art in Jaipur

Cartist is an initiative by Jaipur-based Himanshu Jangrid, who restores vintage cars for royalty. While restoring these cars, he realized how wonderful they are. These cars that he renovates usually get parked in garages, forgotten to the world.