Indie Blast : My 3 Favorite Indie Artists worth Checking Out (Part 1)

Let me introduce you to some of the most veteran, yet not-so-recognized Indie Artists that you probably have never heard of. These are artists that have been lamenting below the well-promoted mainstream musicians, but deserve some major attention and love.

Consider this the first part to the coolest and my most favorite Indie artist that you absolutely must know. So lets begin.

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Legends of Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll is not just mere loudness; its passion, intensity, honesty,  charisma, and excitement all rolled in one. It’s influence can be seen even today in movies, music, lifestyle, language and culture.

The Beatbox Goes On!

Beatboxing is the art of creating music using only your mouth. You will be amazed by the kind of sounds the human mouth can make, its unbelievable. Ever made funny sounds to make your friends laugh?