Happiness is a two way street!

Not everybody has the courage to come back to their hometown after a successful internship at UNESCO to pursue a dream that wasn’t even clear at that point, meet Shraddha Jain, from Jaipur the woman who did this and then some.

Shraddha is the founder of Art घर, an interactive and collaborative platform for art events, workshops and exhibitions covering a variety of topics.


As we go through this journey of the creation of Art घर with her, Shraddha recalls how it all started. After completing her BBA from Christ University, Bangalore she went on to get her first Master’s degree in Human Resource and Management from Symbiosis, Pune and her second one in Creative Business from EDHEC Business School, France. This followed her landing an internship with UNESCO.


All of this makes one wonder why would someone give up a promising career ahead to start something from scratch and this was where the heart ruled over the brain for Shraddha because even though her career prospects were promising they didn’t make her happy so she decided to take a break from it all and return to Jaipur. On August 2016, started her journey of self introspection and discovery. Her time was spent in reading, painting, going on self dates, teaching kids art in NGOs and meditating. But there was one thing that called to her above everything else, art. She had loved to paint since she was five and during her break she converted a spare watchman room into an art studio and it became her safe escape.

Having the means to follow her passion made her feel happy and alive, something that she wished upon everyone to experience which is when she realized that Jaipur was in grave need of a platform for interactive arts. Her passion to make art accessible to everyone be it adults or underprivileged children was how Art घर came into being.


Other than her flagship project, Shraddha has also created a volunteer team to work on Art projects in NGOs organising activities in theatre, dance, music, photography, pottery and painting. She works closely with school kids in art workshops where the kids are encouraged to paint whatever they conjure up.

Shraddha recalls her first event with Home Café on 4-5 March, 2017, people were given easels, aprons, colors and paintings to choose from and she helped them with their first painting. The response was amazing and every feedback she got, reassured her that she had chosen the correct path. Since then they have done events in pottery, wine painting, hand painted stole making, calligraphy etc. The joy of introducing someone to a new form of art is what keeps her going.

Shraddha’s story is an inspiration to everyone who harbor a not so conventional dream in their hearts to never be afraid of following their heart’s calling and to believe in taking risks. She could have easily joined her father’s business or taken up a job offer in Paris but she didn’t want to sacrifice her happiness over an endless cycle of regrets  and ‘what ifs’. This story is a personal urge to people to contribute to the society as much as they can, the various programs running under Art घर are always in need of volunteers, and one can easily sign up by contacting their facebook page with the same name.

If you’re an artist who wishes to push the boundaries of satisfaction with your art then you should definitely collaborate with them on workshops and teaching classes for underprivileged kids. Contact them through their Facebook page here.

Shraddha wishes to encourage every parent reading this to believe in their children’s dreams and to support them when the need arises because there’s nothing more colourful than a child’s dreams and the world could do with a dash of colours at the moment.

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