Indie Blast : My 3 Favorite Indie Artists worth Checking Out (Part 1)

Stuck in Lock down? Tired of listening to the same mainstream artists over and over again? Fear not. Let me introduce you to some of the most veteran, yet not-so-recognized Indie Artists that you probably have never heard of. These are artists that have been lamenting below the well-promoted mainstream musicians, but deserve some major attention and love.

Consider this the first part to the coolest and my most favorite Indie artist that you absolutely must know. So lets begin.

Badly-Drawn Boy

This artist is among my most favorite of all time. The early songs by this artist gives me instant happiness, from the 1st time of hearing them to the 1000th time, pure nostalgia. The only way I can describe this artist is pure feel-good vibes, with uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics that will bring back the faith in humanity and life in general, something we need more of in these troubling times. Check out his Twitter and YouTube accounts to know about his latest content and upcoming concerts.

If you are feeling down and need a lift, a boost to get by, take a listen to these songs. I assure you that it will make you feel good, as it has done me for so many years.

Kaki King

Another that ranks among my favorite, this one is the most experimental artist in my list, one could say a genre by itself (according to Rolling Stones) unlike any you have heard before. Despite having been reviewed by Rolling Stones and worked with the likes of Foo Fighters and Timberland, doesn’t get the same amount of credibility as these artists. If you listen to her music you will realize she is just as talented as these artists, if not more. Check out her YouTube , Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram page to know what’s she up to now.

Here are a couple of her feel-good songs that have touched my heart and will keep doing so for the rest of my days. Enjoy.

The Avalanches

And finally to top off the list of my absolute faves is a band called The Avalanches. An electronic group that is so upbeat and fun, you wont be able to stop tapping your feet or bobbing your head to their music, I guarantee. Apart from being electronic, there are elements of hip-hop and psychedelic as well. Sometimes, I can’t tell which one of these does it really fit into, which makes it unique. Take a gander at their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter page to know what’s up with them.

Here are couple of songs by them that have kept me entertained over the years, especially the song “Since I left you” which has gathered a cult following, check them out.

There will be more artists and articles from my favorite Indie artists list. so do check it out. Let me know what you think of this list and do suggest me any Indie artists that you think deserve more credit. Till next time, Peace.

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