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Here’s some awesome art we just came across. The book is a collection of short poems by author Swati Singh Sambyal.

We love each and every piece, but here’s one handpicked for the women of today.

I told her…Mum’

I told her

Mum, I don’t want a life

like you.

You raised us

You grew us…

And you made us

what we eventually became

what we are

but still

I don’t want a life

like you.

I told her…

Mum, I won’t do

his dishes

I’d never wash his clothes…

I’d never do anything

for anyone but myself…

I won’t save

I won’t have children

I don’t plan to leave

my money for anyone…

I’ll travel it all…

I told her

Mum, I respect you

and I love you..

I am a part of you

yet, what has grown in me..

This demon…

that yells and demands just one thing from me….

to live my one small life

to the fullest..

I will keep this demon with me…

I fucking don’t believe in angels.

I told her..

Mum, I will marry…

But marriage

will not change me…

I want a companion of him…

Not a husband…

Not a father..

I told her…

Mum, someone has to break stereotypes…

I know many like me…

Out there…

They don’t get a chance..

But since, I do and have always done

what I’ve done…

I just don’t want a life like you.

I told her,


In this much space

and this little wings..

I don’t mind losing

all the feathers

in this war

with myself.

Credits: Painted


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