PUSHPAVALLI – The creeper that creeps up on you

Sumukhi Suresh enters the screen space with her web series, Pushpavalli, streaming on Amazon Prime.

Lipstick Under My Burkha : Why censorship sucks!

This movie talks openly about certain taboo issues, not shying away from exposing the oppression of patriarchy that has been dormant for so many years.

The Mystic Mountains by Akshay Nair

The Himalayas, specifically northeastern Himachal Pradesh, is extraordinary. Watch this amazing video to give you a taste of what Spiti Valley is like.

9 YouTube Channels Worth Following

This is my list of 9 youtube channels from diverse disciplines that are stop worthy. Fair warning, you might end up with an addiction, just like me.

Int. Cafe Night- Film Review

Int. Cafe Night by Adhiraj Bose is a short film that depicts love, loss and reunion. Lovers In the past, who are separated by fate, get a chance to reunite

Stereotypical Role Reversal At Its Best

‘A day after every day’ – a short film by Anurag Kashyap talks about how Women in India need to become a man themselves to change things.

‘I love you too’ – Short Film Review

The feeling of love is considered to be one of the best feelings. A person might not have anything else; but if he has love, he has everything. Is it so?

Sujoy Ghosh’s Modern Epic ‘Ahalya’ Will Keep You Guessing

Sujoy Ghosh, in his epic thriller named after the woman herself ‘Ahalya’, tries to re-create the incident which had taken place during a new-age ‘Kalyuga’.

‘LUDO of a dice and a decision’ – Short Film Review

‘LUDO of a dice and a decision’ follows what choices you make in a certain situation. Only that the situation here is ‘the trust of a woman’.