A Ride You Will Never Forget

In this concrete jungle, amongst the mix of horns, traffic and city lights of Mumbai, it is hard to identify anyone easily. But if you happen to be in Bandra and search hard enough, you will find a rickshaw that stands out with a plethora of catchy philanthropic slogans, probably the coolest rickshaw ever. This multi-coloured rickshaw belongs to a man named Sandeep Bacche. Affectionately, he is known as “the king of bandra”, he has been auto driver for over 16 years in Mumbai.

Fully equipped with a T.V., a magazine box, a first aid box, a telephone, a fire extinguisher, a donation box, mobile chargers, a clock, a pen drive connection (for music), and a sweet box, his rickshaw rivals even the most modern vehicles in terms of facilities. But that’s not all. What makes this man stand out among all is his heart of gold that keeps on giving.

Sandeep Bacche

Having lost his mom to cancer, he has a donation box for cancer patients at the back of his rickshaw, which he eventually donates to the Tata Memorial Hospital and Mount Mary church in Mumbai.He raises money for his charities by attending birthday parties and weddings, where he parks his rickshaw as an object of display. He goes to houses to collect old and used clothes, which he donates to the needy. He also provides special discounts for handicapped people, newly married couples, pregnant women and senior citizens. He once got a visually challenged customer, from whom he refused to accept his fare. In addition to this, he regularly does social service, and even funded a child’s education once.

Just goes to show that one does not need to be rich and famous to make a difference. Sandeep Bacche may not be touching the lives of a million people daily, but he surely makes a difference to the few that he does.

We applaud such wonderful souls that, despite their income and background, can do so much good in the name of humanity. Do visit his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page to know more about him.

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