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Beneath The Rail-tracks – A Ray Of Hope

Beneath The Tracks of The Delhi Transit System – A Ray Of Hope

What can you see beneath the ever-so-busy tracks of the Delhi Transit System? Dirt. Grime. Impoverished children playing oblivious to the constant buzzing of the capital city?

Now, the poorest of the poor under a bridge in India’s capital see a ray of hope. A free school run by the most unusual teacher – a shopkeeper, teaching about 80 children every morning, under the bridge.

Would you expect a typical capitalist business-minded shopkeeper to do something as noble? Rajesh Kumar, not-your-average-businessman was disturbed by the sight of these children either playing, whiling away time or begging under the bridge instead of holding books in their tiny hands.

Upon learning about the scarcity of schools in the vicinity and the ‘the devil may care’ attitude of the rich neighbourhoods, Rajesh Kumar took it upon himself to start this free school under the bridge. This led to the birth of his open air classroom. Between the sturdy pillars of the bridge and beneath the tracks of the transit system, a ray of hope emerged with a sight which became an everyday reason to smile. 80 children from India’s streets now have access to a gem which they can nurture and grow – education.

Because of the lack of space, there are  no chairs or tables and the children sit on polystyrene foam placed on the rubble. Three rectangular patches of wall are painted and used as a blackboard. Some anonymous donors provide the necessary supplies of cardigans, bags, stationery and more. The children are treated to a bag full of biscuits and fruit juice every day – a wonderful incentive to turn up to school, learn, grow, and enjoy the childhood they’re meant to have. The biscuits and fruit juice is donated by an unnamed individual.

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