Be the hope you desperately want

With this grim atmosphere of deaths all around, with Irrfan khan & Rishi Kapoor going away, its very easy to fall prey to the depressive thoughts about death.

Hope this allays some of that and allows you to cope better. 🙂

In these times so dark and sad,
A lot of us are feeling cornered, gutted and just plain bad,
With death staring at you left right and center,
You’re craving for normalcy,
Will everything be restored, you constantly wonder.
Everyone’s trying to ride this storm out,
No one knows how far they’re gonna make it,
You’re living with misery, depression and doubt,
Hoping for even a semblance of something positive,
Hoping for it, day in, day out!
To dig yourself out of this mental shit-hole you’re constantly trying,
Well, some of you might even be stuck,
Feeling down helpless and maybe even crying!
Stay busy, but don’t over work!
It helps to stay engaged and feel productive,
Don’t have pure work blinding your sight,
Because over-working ain’t a fix that’s deep,
You’d know when you’re tossing and turning at night,
Doing what not to get some restful sleep!
It’s all your mental chatter’s suppression,
In the long run it’ll cause or increase your depression!
You gotta switch gears, change your ways and your thinking,
Stop the solution from becoming the problem,
Else you will never stop sinking! 
All I gotta say to you is,
Be the hope you desperately want,
Don’t let the news bring you and everybody else down,
Keep your spirits high and your negative thoughts pinned to the ground,
Start with a simple smile,
Slowly but surely, things WILL turn around! 
They may say it out loud or they may not,
Everyone is fearful, apprehensive and full of doubt!
Shine like a star for your loved ones,
Do whatever you can, to make them smile,
And you know, give them hope, make it worth their while!
You never know who leaves you without saying goodbye,
Just pick up the phone and say or write a simple Hi!
Savor the now,
Don’t think too much about the how,
Make every moment count, live it up!
Make sure neither you or your close ones are giving up!
Balance your day out,
A pinch of this and a handful of that,
Don’t get overwhelmed,
Don’t get sad,
Listen to some songs,
Watch some comedy,
They you’ll see the magic,
You’ll know, life’s fun, not tragic!
We all have to go,
Maybe now or maybe years later,
Let’s live every moment,
And live and love life together!

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