An urge to serve the hungry feat. Mohammed Sujathullah

In these trying time, when Covid-19 has taken over the world, there are many poor and needy who are suffering in the wake of this disease. Yet there are those who go above and beyond to help the fellow common man survive during these trying times. One such person is Mohammed Sujathullah.

His urge to serve the hungry started in the year 2016 when he fed the poor with his pocket money. He first fed them Rice and Curry near Secunderabad Railway Station. When the poor and hungry saw food in his hands, they rushed towards him to satisfy their hunger. He felt immense satisfaction and humility after this experience.

He is now the president of Humanity First Foundation (HFF) and his organization has been running a free breakfast distribution programme for over 1000 days feeding over 1100 needy people daily in 3 different locations in Hyderabad.

The mission of HFF is to feed the hungry irrespective of their caste, race, or religion and creating a culture of charity and generosity towards the poor.

According to him, no matter where you come from or who you are, you will be fed. He wants to serve everyone in need as hunger knows no religion.

Meanwhile, during the lockdown, they are providing free breakfast for up to 400 needy People & are also distributing essential groceries, sanitizers, and facemasks as well. Till now, they have helped over 700 families.

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