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Butterflies Are Free

Here’s a story by Mariellen Ward who owns the blog breathedreamgo.com. Moving and heart-warming travel and causes related stories you can spend the day reading. The Himalayas as seen from Dharamsala, India Volunteering in India It was the love that got me. Ironically, I wasn’t prepared for it. I landed my volunteer job as an […]

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These Little Hands are Not Meant for that Heavy Load

How many times have you spotted a child cleaning tables at a nearby restaurant, and maybe even ordered him ‘Chotu, ek chai la?’ The future of such children lies in the hands of their ‘masters’. It is, if not slavery, just one step below it. They get paid meagre wages, get deprived of an education, […]


Why You Should Encourage ‘Chotu’ to Study Further!

This one is for the countless ‘Chotus’ that get enveloped in India’s web of never-ending poverty and whose dreams are crushed with a single word that has driven mankind for generations – money. A little boy of 8, he started coming to my house to pick up and deliver ironed clothes. He was curious, he […]

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A Day in the Lives of the Nuns at Pin Valley

True to her pen name, Free Spirited Wanderer shared a story about a day in the lives of the nuns at Pin Valley. Definitely worth a stop. Read on for the story and find more at her blog here: Free Spirited Wanderer All of us have days in our lives that we are grateful for […]

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The Playground Project

We came across Ananya Saluja’s experience at 17000 feet and it’s definitely stopworthy. Follow her blog for more on her experience in Ladakh. Featuring one of her stories from her time as a voluntourist at 17000 feet, Ladakh, India. Many months have passed since my days teaching in Ladakh, but the memories are still vivid. The fact […]