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When I was nine…

Playing with butterflies, fond memories, loved ones, school and friends, innocent questions, and a whole lot of love. Those are my memories of life when I was nine. But, what about that unwanted touch in the bus back from school? That so disliked uncle who would grab every chance to find me alone in a […]

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A Human Dustbin Cleaning Up Vasai’s Bhuigaon Beach

Venance Castelino and Jonathan Lopez, residents of Vasai are taking ‘Talking Dirty’ to a whole new level. Before you have them arrested, here’s what they did! They were fed up with how Bhuigaon Beach in Vasai was being treated! Instead of complaining about it, and sharing dirty pictures for how ill treated their beach was, […]

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These Little Hands are Not Meant for that Heavy Load

How many times have you spotted a child cleaning tables at a nearby restaurant, and maybe even ordered him ‘Chotu, ek chai la?’ The future of such children lies in the hands of their ‘masters’. It is, if not slavery, just one step below it. They get paid meagre wages, get deprived of an education, […]


Why You Should Encourage ‘Chotu’ to Study Further!

This one is for the countless ‘Chotus’ that get enveloped in India’s web of never-ending poverty and whose dreams are crushed with a single word that has driven mankind for generations – money. A little boy of 8, he started coming to my house to pick up and deliver ironed clothes. He was curious, he […]