Chitamani kar Bird Sanctuary, Kolkata, Arpita Roy

Unexplored Bird Sanctuary near Kolkata

  I visited Chintamani Kar bird sanctuary located near Narendrapur, Kolkata. First of all, it was hard to believe that there was a biosphere reserve so nearby. In the midst of the daily humdrum, this place was bliss. When I visited, I was spellbound to see that all these years I didn’t know a place […]

Kolkata, Metro, Stop Commotion

Kolkata dekho toh baki duniya bekaar hai!

It’s really hard to find a description that would do proper justice to Kolkata, capital of West Bengal, a city which over 14 million people call home! Other metros in India cannot offer the alluring old-world charm and a tranquil pace of life which makes Kolkata, a city of amiable contrasts. 033 is the code […]

Boat Sketch BY Raja Das

The Curious Three

ACTT is a Kolkata based organization located at Lake Gardens, registered under “Indian Charitable Trust Act, 1961. They operate residential shelter homes and a school for destitute & street children from economically deprived or broken families. Their funding comes from many sources and sponsors – some of them being GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN (SPAIN), ACTION POUR LES […]