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That thing about inspiration…

That thing about inspiration…

You can find inspiration anywhere. Or at least, you think you can. I try to look for it in the mundane.

I am not easily inspired, and generally, I tend to think everything is overrated. When Steve Jobs’ story was famous, I found it overrated. The first time I went to the much heard and dreamt about Goa, with friends, and had a delicious meal at ‘Brittos’ at Baga Beach by the seaside, I thought Goa was overrated. What was the fuss about all of these things anyway? You hear about something someplace, and suddenly it’s popular?!

Is everything overrated?

I think that education is overrated, parties are overrated, attending live concerts of bands I used to once be head over heels in love with is overrated. Coldplay? Wedding ceremonies are overrated. Jobs and careers are overrated. Dressing up is overrated. Tell me about something you love, and my first reaction would be to tell you that it’s overrated. You’d say I was a cynic or that when I didn’t get the grapes, I would call them sour. I try to battle that everyday.

Finding beauty in the mundane!

I try to find beauty in the little things and take inspiration from the things around me. I find the perfect moment in looking at the moon that shines at dawn, just when the light breaks through. It makes me feel like I am alive.

I absolutely am in love with the crows that visit my house everyday. I am thankful to have them around. When I waste any food I just put it out on the window sill, and there my faithful friends are not wasting a single morsel.

I make my best efforts to be the happiest when I am alone. I know that this will only make me stronger and face things by myself.

Taking a cold shower on a hot day? The sound the doorbell makes when I know it’s time for a loved one to come home? A gentle swirling of the leaves of the trees in the wind which I can observe from my window? Staying up all night talking about absolutely nothing? Going for a jog or walk in the wee hours of the morning?

Inspiration and how I look at it!

On my morning jog, I look at the ladies wearing a burqa and brisk walking or the old ladies who can barely walk, making their best efforts to get their daily dose of exercise. This is my inspiration to take an extra jog around the park that day.

When I am working all day and all night, I look at my maid who cleans up to 10 houses everyday as an inspiration to work harder. I compare the efforts and gains of the two of us and think that if she can work so hard for so little gain, I can definitely work harder to get a few extra paying assignments in a month.

The honesty of the poor rickshaw driver who returns my leftover rupee inspires me to be more honest when handling others’ money.

Watching the moon trying to shine brighter even when the rising sun’s light outshines him, drives me to wake up early each day.

The feeling of a cold shower on a hot day inspires me to not take that extra hour of sleeping in an air-conditioned room, and instead, make that time amount to something.

I am inspired to not be selfish and spend some of my ‘me-time’ with a few people who matter, listen to them, and hear about how their day went when I think about the doorbell ringing.

Looking at the leaves of the trees swinging in the wind, it makes me feel lucky to be alive. It inspires me to enjoy the beauty in each moment and to take life as it comes.

I do find a lot of commonly inspiring things overrated, but I would call myself a highly inspired person.

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