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10 Indian Artists We Dig On Instagram

Well, well.

We’re sure you have quite the artistic eye, and must be following all ’em artistic accounts on Instagram.

Let us help you add to the list and add some more inspiration to your feed.

  1. The Big Fat Minimalist Anirudh

From apna very own ‘Bambbaii’, we love how Aniruddh captures mundane things around him and gives them a very creative twist. Geometric shapes and colours define his art. His symmetric patterns and geometric vibrations will leave you in a daze. Follow him here.

Art by him that we think is totally stopworthy!

Images courtesy: The Big Fat Minimalist



  1. Deepak Solanki

Still discovering what his iPhone can do, Deepak Solanki’s feed will give you the jitters. Surreal art that represents very basic human emotions is what we find stopworthy. Worth more than just a stop. Check his feed here.

Handpicked by Stop Commotion

Images Courtesy: Deepak Solanki



  1. Alicia Souza

Dog lover and illustrator Alicia Souza has a cute charm that reflects in all her illustrations. Reminiscent of the girl-next-door feeling yet so amazing in her own way! We love her topical updates; oh-so-relatable; and her series of posts that stem from everyday insights. Here’re some we handpicked just to make this page a little cuter.

Check her instagram profile at Alicia Souza and regram the ones you like! 

You can even buy cool merchandise on her website. Thank us later. 😉



  1. Ayesha Kapadia

From moving Instagram short films to thought provoking images, Ayesha Kapadia adds a touch of kometjuice to everything she posts. We love her Instagram short films which make you stop more than just a while

Keep your feed inspirational. Follow her here.


This video had us tripped out for a bit.






Artist Malvika Asher

  1. Malvika Asher

Malvika’s distinctive art work and her use of colours is refreshing and versatile. From movies to TV shows to pop culture to soccer to cricket to everyday occurences, Malvika perfectly encapsulates her emotions with each and her work will always liven up your day.


Add some colour to your feed by following her here.


Artist Neeraj Chandaver

  1. Neeraj Chandaver

A new kid on the block, Neeraj is still undiscovered. He attempts to capture daily life in eye-catching cinemagraphs, visual puns and photographs. What we love about him is his minimalist style and ability to get the message across without any words! And yes, also love how great a photographer he is!

Check out his feed here!


Artist Shannon Lobo

  1. Shannon Lobo

Bombay born Shannon Mikhail Lobo’s art is a sweet amalgamation of the natural and the concrete with abstract geometrical shapes. Each of his works have a distinctive geometric touch.


Add some lines and curves to your daily browsing here.


Artist Priyank Gajera

  1. Priyank Gajera

A fan of double exposure, Priyank adds a wonderful touch of surrealism to his photos. His edits are a visual treat to say the least and you will definitely stop for a second look at his photographs!


Stopworthy content here!


Artist Shivam - Psychedelicioux,

  1. Shivam – Psychedelicioux

Psychedelic colours and insane graphics are what take you through a trip when you visit Shivam’s profile. Definitely true to the name, this stopworthy artist will add the necessary colours and dose of absurdity that’s within everyone to your feed! Follow for psychedelicious updates!


Artist Ashish Jose

  1. Ashish Jose

Surrealism is what’s common between Ashish and Shivam, however they both have unique styles of expressing and that’s what we dig. Ashish’s art takes you across a parallel universe and often needs no explanation. Follow him here!


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