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Photographer Creates Magic in Murad Osmann Style – All By Herself

There’s not a lot of art that can be compared to Murad Osmann’s photos that broke the internet. Just when we thought so, we stumbled upon Sakshi’s profile. She is a young, wanderlust-stricken solo female traveler from India. Check out some of her photographs that we absolutely dig.

1.Footprints in the sand at Jaisalmer

Footprints in the sand at Jaisalmer, Sakshi

2. Exploring McLeodganj with just herself for company

Mcleodganj, Photograph by Sakshi

3. Feeling poetic at Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple Amritsar, Photography by Sakshi

4. Feeling the Delhi chills while #framinghands

Feeling Chills at Delhi , Sakshi, Stop Commotion


5. The royal city, some henna, and a caption well framed – Jodhpur – the regal city that blooms with urban chic colours and joy!

The Regal city Jodhpur, Photograph by Sakshi
6. The beauty of Namobuddha, Nepal and great thoughts to accompany

Namobuddha, Nepal, Sakshi Stop Commotion

7. Living a dream at Neergarh Waterfall, Rishikesh

Neergarh Waterfall, Rishikesh, Photography by Sakshi

8. Rishikesh, this time in hues of blue

Rishikesh, The holy Ganga, Sakshi

8. Reaching out to never-ending beauty at Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur, Nepal Photography by Sakshi

10. The pink city’s charm captured perfectly against just the palm of her hand at Amer Sagar, Jaipur

Amer Sagar Jaipur Photography by Sakshi

Well, this is just the beginning of Sakshi’s stopworthiness. Keep travelling and exploring, girl,
To see more of her awe-inspiring work head on over here.

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