Covid-19 and Work From Home feat. @fatsmeagol

All the people working hard (or hardly working) from home in the house, say yeah! I absolutely loved the Fatsmeagol employee blog and think it has some experiences many of us across the world are facing.

Fatsmeagol is an employee-owned democratic collective, and working from home is quite a usual thing. However, this quarantine period does bring with it a lot of uncertainty.

Being an introvert myself, I was quite used to working from home and not meeting a lot of people since I quit my full-time job in 2015. However, Rayyan, Tribe Chief at Fatsmeagol, does get you used to his hugs and awkward cheek-kisses! I’m sure all of the employee-partners at Fatsmeagol miss the team’s personal interaction more than loving the freedom of working from home. If you don’t believe how close the team is, have a look at Fatsmeagol’s Instagram. Now, let’s get to how we are coping with all the #socialdistancing!

Here are some excerpts from the team’s blog. Relate?

No Negativity in lockdown!

Sakshi Kadam:I would say it’s been great having plenty of time to myself and for the people around me but it’s also been very mentally exhausting. Waking up to the social media buzzing with news of COVID19 is not the ideal way I would like to start and end my day. Everyday the number of active cases increases. The death toll has risen considerably more than the recovered cases. I feel really helpless, overwhelmed and tired. There are people suffering out there and there’s not much you can do. I mean the only way to help the pandemic is stay the fuck home. I check my phone every 5 minutes for an update, hoping for a ray of sunshine. But, all I’ve been getting is negative. And to add to it all, we have xenophobia. You would think that maybe in times of crises, that would be the last thing that we’d be facing as a race. But we humans are just wired differently, for it seems to one of the main focal changes in human interactions.

So then, what do you do? How do you keep anxiety in check? How do you make sure you don’t go crazy? Well, for starters, you take a breather. You tell yourself that everything will be fine and this will end soon.

Dhruvi Meel:

To Papa, I’m safe, my tummy’s full with food that was cooked at home. I managed to do only a small portion of work than I usually would’ve but then family comes first. It truly does, which is why I know how you feel knowing your family isn’t completely with you right now. Try not to worry too much papa, I’m strong, so are you and so is our will. We shall get through this. I’ll maybe learn to cook a few things and you might even get to taste them when I’m back home again. My heart is safe with you and everyone else, I promise to take care of the rest if you promise to take care of it in return. I love you.

To everyone else reading this, some sacrifices even when they don’t seem like they are worth it, they are.

Upcycling in the times of COVID 19-

Nicole Viegas:  “Life in the time of a lockdown is interesting, to say the least. We’ve stocked up on all the possible groceries and by that, I mean all the possible instant snacks commonly known as junk food, to last us a lifetime. For those of you with a 16-year-old brother, you know a lifetime then only means two days.”

Some of Nicole’s art in the times of Covid_19.

Self-portrait by Nicole Vegas

“The news generally tends to have a certain effect on people, and with live updates of the rapid spread of the Novel Corona Virus, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole. With the world on lockdown, it’s so much more important to remind yourselves of the good. I absolutely love how we, at Fatsmeagol, have adapted a system to work smoothly and check in with each other as often as possible. I, for one, have realized I’ve been taking being around my family for granted and I plan on making the most of this time by reconnecting with them.

Social distancing is the need of the hour, but at the end of the day, it’s absolutely necessary that you find yourselves a safe way to stay connected. After all, we are social beings and what good is life if we don’t have each other to share it with?”

Merolin D’Souza:

It has been 6 days since I’ve seen my colleagues. The bunch of weirdos that I don’t miss. Don’t miss coming in late with a guilty smile, don’t miss the amazing food their moms/ cooks prepare, don’t miss Saumya brilliantly cracking my back, don’t miss rolling my eyes at least 483726633 times at Sakshi and Rayyan’s jokes, don’t miss our adorable cats and definitely don’t miss bullying #TeamFatsmeagol cause I never bully them 🤷🏾‍♀️ (I’m not lying, YOU ARE) “

Here is some of Merolin’s art in the times of Covid 19.

Rayyan Shaikh:

For me, this was something familiar and at the very same time something very foreign. As a collective, we depend on each other daily for making key decisions. Without these decisions being actioned at the right time we could and have come out hurting. So for us the situation seems quite apprehensive going in.

Fatsmeagol is a highly digital organization. From the very beginning, we organized using Google drive . All our operational data and files are always and have always been on Google Drive. So this was easy.

Although we have always worked from The Fatsmeagol Collective, we have always communicated with each other for work through Flock! Even though we sat on the same table. 

Flock conversations in the times of Covid 19

More on the Fatsmeagol blog. Happy reading! 

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