Art that speaks for itself feat. Walls & Beyond

The artists from Walls and Beyond are all about sharing art and positivity in these quarantine times. Aren’t we all having thoughts to reset 2020?

Well, I think it’s nature’s way of throwing a challenge at us and see what we do with our time. It’s important to stay home, but it’s also important to stay sane.

These pieces on different surfaces by Walls and Beyond are some inspiration to get through the mental state that most of us might be in.


This artwork titled healing is a mixture of colors that we can equate to our turbulent emotions in this phase. We need to speak, share, express and more importantly find a safe space or an outlet. That outlet could be art, fitness, reading, writing, photography, or anything that you love doing, even the chores.

Mystic woman

On first look, this might seem like your average doodle. Although, to me, it adds a sort of mysticism and meaning. It reminds me of beauty, inner beauty, the complexity of emotions, the inner vision, yin and yang, peace and a lot more. Each of us perceives art differently, and how you perceive this piece could be completely different from me. What does ‘Mystic woman’ remind you of?

Unnamed, toothbrush art.

Art is a form of expression, and even mundane, everyday things can be used to create something striking. Done with a toothbrush, this unnamed piece carries with it a lot of meaning. Will we let this dark phase define us? Or will we strike back with all the colors we have and make this time worthwhile?

Beyond, on charcoal.

Beyond particularly struck me as a typical definition of these quarantine times. We are all stuck in our windows. But are we really stuck? Are we looking at a new future? Are we looking at clearer skies, lesser consumerism, more quality time spent at home, new learnings? Or are we turning our backs to all that’s positive? Isn’t it all a personal outlook?

Showers of blessings.

Well, this one speaks for itself.

Bloom with grace where ever you are planted.

If not now, then when? Difficult times come to you for a reason. How about we make our own reasons to bloom?


Let us talk about the elephant in the room. How about we actually talk about our feelings, instead of hiding them. We’re meant to blossom, so why don’t we address the issues holding us back and move on, instead of mulling over them silently?

Colorful Life

Life is our canvas and we choose the colors we want to paint it with.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams are nature's way of showing us a little bit of reality. Is this quarantine period a lucid dream? Will we wake from it to a better or harsh reality? It really is our choice to make.

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