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Grateful for the little things feat. @roopal_rsr

Roopal takes to drawing and painting for therapeutic reasons and believes that it is a great way to express your emotions creatively, and also connect with your audience.

Letters to Jude feat. @paintedthebook

If you were a poet, and you got to express all your emotions through beautiful poetry, what would you say, and how would you say it?

Pandemic feels feat. @elainemarais_

We love the colours and emotions in digital artist @elainemarais_ #Covid19 art and had to share. With the lockdown in India extended till May 17, we are still feeling the jitters.

Dear Hope… feat. Hiral Vasa

Hiral is a brand strategist, content designer and an intuitive tale-teller. She loves making self-portraits and her recent work is quite colorful & catchy. 

Be the hope you desperately want

With this grim atmosphere all around, with Irrfan khan & Rishi Kapoor going away, its very easy to fall prey to the depressive thoughts about death.

Ramblings about depression feat. @chillbillee

While a lot of people are getting out there and talking about depression but many are not able to understand the different layers of emotions that one undergoes through.

Playing with colours – Flavved Studio

Disha started with a motive to define imperfection, not following the rules and not abiding by the rules for anything.

Hell lotta Hope

At that moment, I felt so hopeful about everything. I started to look at it differently. I began to feel this has a purpose: HOPE, hope is the purpose.

Art that speaks for itself feat. Walls & Beyond

The artists from Walls and Beyond are all about sharing art and positivity in these quarantine times. Aren’t we all having thoughts to reset 2020?

Quarantine & I – Art Ghar

Flexible and fixed. This is how I would describe my day. Some things are fixed and the rest have flexibility. 

Art to the rescue feat. Jaipur Creative Commune

I did not know monotony till the Covid-19 pandemic was declared. With India being on complete lockdown and all the time spent at home doing chores, monotony really started getting to me. Here’s when I really started to appreciate life, here in Jaipur, and the many options I hadn’t even

COVID-19 and privilege feat. @ms.alwar

If the costs you’ve reduced include your Zomato bills, shopping, eating out expenses; signs say that you’re privileged.

Covid-19 and Work From Home feat. @fatsmeagol

Fatsmeagol is an employee-owned democratic collective, and wfh is quite usual. However, this quarantine period does bring with it a lot of uncertainty.

The Power of Portraits: Mou Aysha

Bangladeshi photographer Mou Aysha is a humanitarian photographer who uses her skills to raise awareness about the dilemma of street children in her country.

Walls & Beyond

Anything can come to life if the right colors are put on it, even humans. Walls and Beyond is an Indore (MP) based art company that creates thought-provoking graffiti, murals and art pieces.

“I found many homes away from my home.” – Ankit Arora’s journey across India

Riding through the coldest and highest of the mountains in Ladakh, the locals gave their rooves to pitch my tent. The thing that unites people is humanity!

In conversation with Samar Khan, the man behind Metrodoodle

Delhi Metro is the hub of some hot gossip, crazy drama and surreal stories but for Samar Khan, the man behind the Metrodoodle Instagram account, it is where his imagination comes alive.

A basic guide to attending JLF

Here is a list of things that you should have a look at before you enter the world of interesting conversations and delicious chai.

10 kite festivals that will keep your calendar occupied

We’ve rounded up kite festivals from all around the world that you can fit into your calendar and start on that ‘travel more’ resolution you made for 2018.

From a Dead Poet’s Society to A Slam Poet’s Society

The Indian poetry scene is booming once again in a new avatar as the younger, bolder and brasher cousin of poetry, slam poetry. This form of poetry, that gives importance to the performance aspect of a poem as much as the writing behind it.

His Story? Their Story? Whose Story?

The attempts to glorify “Indian” heroes in history textbooks have increased exponentially with various state governments instructing their state boards to rewrite certain parts of the textbooks that have been “glorifying the Mughal leaders and downplaying Hindu rulers”.

Of Magical Sounds at Magnetic Fields

There’s something definitely magical about hearing some great music surrounded by people from all over the world under a sky full of stars with the cool sand under your feet. It’s an experience of a lifetime!

The White Desert Is Calling!

The Rann Utsav is a festival that celebrates the uniqueness of the Rann of Kutch, its culture and its way of life. It started as a three-day event which eventually turned into a three-month-long celebration full of fun cultural activities, music, and dance.

My Body, My Art

Lyla Freechild is an artist, and she works in various mediums like paint, pottery, handmade jewelry etc. She is an active advocate of body empowerment wherein every body type is celebrated in its natural and authentic form removed from the definitions and stigma that surround it.

Here’s why you should be at this Jaipur Art Expo!

good or bad art is ultimately an extension of thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a language that is universal and timeless, Jaipur Kala chaupal is a 14-day long artist residency and exhibition program that was started along this line of thought itself.