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A Human Dustbin Cleaning Up Vasai’s Bhuigaon Beach

Venance Castelino and Jonathan Lopez, residents of Vasai are taking ‘Talking Dirty’ to a whole new level.

Before you have them arrested, here’s what they did!
They were fed up with how Bhuigaon Beach in Vasai was being treated! Instead of complaining about it, and sharing dirty pictures for how ill treated their beach was, they took matters into their own hands! Their motto was #BetterInThanOut!!
Their beach had beautiful trees, almost-like pine trees, and dirty garbage all around!

On the 4th of June, 2016, along with a few friends and people from their church, they decided to take up this ‘Dirty’ task of cleaning the beach! Some guys drinking and dancing even left what they were doing to join them!


Who wouldn’t be fed-up with excuses like: ‘There aren’t many dustbins.”, “I didn’t want to carry it all the way.”, “Let the Government clean my mess!”, “What am I paying #SwachchBharat tax for?”, “It’ll get washed off with the waves!”, “I didn’t throw it, it fell.”, “But, nobody saw me I didn’t do it?!”, and even more imaginative ones?


Almost Like Pine Trees

With a first successful round of cleaning dirty, it was time to ‘talk dirty’.

If you were near Vasai’s Bhuigaon Beach on the 11th June, and spotted this hottie, asking people to ‘USE HIM’, fear not! It was a part of Venance Castelino and Jonathan Lopez’s master plan to take the ‘Human Dustbin’ to the people, if people don’t go to the dustbin!

Sad part was, there were no dustbins on the beach, but after the first drive, the VVMC (Vasai’s version of BMC to put the blame on) sent a garbage truck for the first time in years to pick up the garbage collected by the volunteers!

A spot-on campaign to educate the people about the use of dustbins, with a very handsome man, dressed like one. Here’s a sign-off note from the ‘Human Dustbin’ himself, besides being all about that ‘waste’!

Ashish Dsouza - A Human -Dustbin

Ladies, (and gentlemen) are you listening?

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